Three and half years ago through a very unlikely acquaintance I was introduced to Tasawwuf (Sufism). I was born and brought up in a Muslim household in Pakistan. As children we used to attentively listen to our grandmother narrate miraculous anecdotes of the saintly men of the past. Somewhere along the way my modern education and outlook on life muted the impression these stories had created on me as a child. Skepticism about their authenticity crept in and soon they were relegated to the status of superstitious fairy tales of a bygone era.

A year and half after my initial encounter with Sufism, certain personal events in my life forced me to re-evaluate my beliefs and purpose in life. Since then I have extensively read about Sufism. It was during the last few months that I came across a copy of “The Travels of Ibn Battutah” Edited by Tim Mackintosh-Smith, that I found purpose to finally undertake a journey that is both spiritual and physical. A journey that I hope would enable me to travel the contours of the world within as well the one outside..

May 2015


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  1. I read your article on giant of deosi and from there I found this link to your blog. I’m into tasawwuf too, but am not as liberated to go on a journey like you are able to! I envy you, but I will surely read your blog for future posts on this subject, inshAllah.


  2. Beautiful photography and interesting narrative. Hope to read a book on your travels soon. Would be great if you could also write some sort of travel guide, especially for Pakistan as it is often hard to navigate to the beautiful places you’ve been to. Happy travels.

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  3. Very interesting read, especially of the Northern Areas of Minimerg, Domail. I was there in 2017 for a week. Enjoyed Rainbow lake. Good job in your writings

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